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If you're trying to access the Learning Hall...

Already got a password for the new Learning Hall?

Haven't accessed the Learning Hall before?

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You no longer need to sign in to access any tools or resources on the Ida website. Read more below.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the new Learning Hall?

If you used the Ida Learning Hall before March 14, 2022, we have made a profile for you in the new Learning Hall. 

You will log in to the new Learning Hall using your email address and a new password.

On March 16 or 17, 2022, you received an email from iSpring Learn, inviting you to create that password. Follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the link that invites you to set a password.
  2. Enter the password you would like to use (twice), then click Save Changes.
  3. Read the privacy notice and click "Accept". You will then be inside the new Ida Learning Hall.

Watch this short video to see these steps in action.

Check your spam or junk folder if you cannot see the email in your inbox.

Once you have created your password, you can access the new Learning Hall at this link: https://learninghall.idainstitute.com/

You will then log in using your email address and the new password you have created.

How can I sign into the Ida Institute website?

You can now access all tools and resources on the Ida Institute website without creating an account or signing in. This means you no longer have a profile on this website.

To access our online courses in the Ida Learning Hall, you still need to create an account and sign in.

Read more about this above.

What has changed in the new Learning Hall?

You no longer have the option to purchase badges for completed courses. Instead, whenever you complete a course, you will automatically receive a personalized Ida Institute certificate, free and direct to your inbox.

Due to the upgrade, your course progress and profile have been reset: course progress and course completions have not been transferred. However, you can still access and share all your previously claimed badges by logging into your Credly account.

What if I’m Inspired by Ida?

The above changes also apply to Inspired by Ida. Active members have kept their current status and received an updated, permanent badge through Credly. If you did not receive this badge, please email us at contact@idainstitute.dk. 

In the new Learning Hall, Inspired by Ida no longer requires renewal. We will instead share suggestions for relevant training content.

If you have any problems or questions, email us at contact@idainstitute.dk.