The Person-Centered Hearing Network

The Person-Centered Hearing Network (PCHN) is a unique global collaboration, facilitated by the Ida Institute and committed to researching, enabling, and implementing person-centered hearing care.

The PCHN works on concrete projects to spread awareness of person-centered care (PCC) around the world, co-create resources to support its implementation, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas within and across stakeholder groups.

The network was founded by Ida in 2019, bringing together our partners in a unique collaboration between leading professional associations, consumer organizations, universities, research institutes, and hearing care providers in the field.

The group’s strength lies in our diversity and combined depth of expertise, knowledge, skills, perspectives, and cultures. These enable us to think innovatively and co-create projects and resources that drive tangible change across hearing care.

The 32 members come from the USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Denmark, South Africa, and Australia. 

The members


A global vision for person-centered hearing care

This year, members of the Person-Centered Hearing Network (PCHN) shared their learnings and initiatives to enable delivery of great hearing care in the form of PechaKuchas – a fun and short visual storytelling format used to evoke emotion.

Telehealth top of the agenda

Remote appointments were top of the agenda in November 2021, as PCHN members came together to make concrete plans for new PCC initiatives across regions and stakeholder groups.

The PCHN on trust, the future, and new collaborations

In June 2021, PCHN members gathered from around the world to explore how we can build trusting relationships in hearing care and how we can prepare for the future.

The PCHN goes online

Despite Covid-19, the PCHN met online in 2020 to share progress on joint PCC projects and provide support for organizations facing challenges due to the pandemic.

Moving PCC from awareness to global action

PCHN members from around the world gathered in Denmark for the network’s inaugural meeting in 2019, forming the network’s first concrete plans to advance PCC globally.

Making PCC a reality

The PCHN was born in 2019, bringing together diverse stakeholders in one network to spark new forms of collaboration across organizations, geographics, and cultures.