Professional associations

Professional associations around the world provide invaluable support to hearing care professionals through education, advocacy, research, and professional development.

We have partnered with nine leading professional associations supporting tens of thousands of hearing care professionals in seven countries. Together, we spread awareness about the benefits of person-centered care (PCC) and co-create learning resources and practical tools to build skills and help practitioners implement PCC.

As well as acquiring valuable knowledge and skills, members of these organizations can obtain approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for completing our courses in PCC and attending Ida presentations at international conferences and workshops.


Empowering clients and raising standards

Audiology Australia is the country’s biggest professional community for audiologists. We spoke to CEO Tony Coles about their PCC projects and ideal vision for hearing care.

Educating professionals and the public for an uncertain future

Dr. Sarah Mason from the Canadian Academy of Audiology spoke to us about their commitment to lifelong learning and public awareness.

Selected projects

Co-developing standards

An Ida staff member was part of a panel of international experts brought together to develop ASHA’s Aural Rehabilitation Clinical Practice Guideline. The panel reviewed the current evidence available and developed specific recommendations for practice – including on person-centered care – which will potentially impact clinical practice and improve care in the United States and internationally. 


Ida works together with professional partners in an ongoing project to spread awareness and practical guidance on person-centered care to clinicians around the world, with articles and interviews featured in international journals, newsletters, and podcasts.

What our partners say

“Our PCHN membership and the opportunity to partner with the Ida Institute provides Audiology Australia and its members with a valuable platform to access evidence-based tools and resources to inform its development of high quality and contemporary standards and person-centric care approaches for Australian audiologists and their clients.”

Dr. Barbra Timmer, Audiology Australia Board President