Universities and research institutes

There are more than 150 Audiology programs at universities worldwide, educating the next generation of hearing care professionals. If the future of hearing care is to be person-centered, it’s vital to ensure that future practitioners are trained in and committed to this approach.

That is why we have partnered with 13 leading universities and research institutes. Together, we generate knowledge and co-create resources and tools that are currently used in dozens of Audiology programs around the world.


PCC Around the Globe: Student Perspectives

See presentations from the first-ever student-led conference on person-centered care in audiology.

Take your counseling skills to the next level

Andrea Page, Clinical Educator at Utah State University, spoke to us about her journey to becoming more person-centered and gave her advice for others looking to do the same.

Group AR as a training tool and a community service

We spoke to staff at Nova Southeastern University about their online aural rehabilitation group – and why they’ll never go back to in-person.

Giving ear to the future

Read about how our academic partners are responding to developments in technology and telehealth, and preparing their students for the future of hearing care.

Selected projects

Ida University Course

This extensive resource was co-created with our academic partners to support lecturers and supervisors educating the hearing care professionals of the future. Across nine modules, the course focuses on how to put the client perspective front and center and includes ready-made lesson plans, videos, handouts, and an instructor’s guide to help educators introduce the principles of PCC into their curricula. The University Partners are currently collaborating on updating the course content with latest research, recorded lectures for hybrid teaching, and fun classroom activities.

PCC learning objectives and rubrics

In 2020, together with our academic partners, we launched the Person-Centered Care Curriculum Guidelines, a co-created resource that identifies person-centered learning objectives for different teaching areas within hearing care and presents some practical ways that educators can measure PCC and track their students’ progress. ​​​​​​​

Ethnographic video case studies (in progress)

In close collaboration with our academic partners, the Ida Institute is working on a new set of ethnographic videos and related materials for use in audiology education. The videos and additional material will highlight the elements of PCC in real-life settings and provide opportunities for students to reflect on their own practice.

What our partners say

“We are having conversations about PCC in a way we would not if we did not have this partnership, and that has improved our program.”

Professor Karen Muñoz, Utah State University

“It is exciting to become part of such a vibrant community of creative thinkers who are propelling hearing healthcare forward.”

Professor Nannette Nicholson, Nova Southeastern University

“The network provides us with opportunities to connect, reflect, and exchange knowledge and ideas, and come up with solutions or new ways to learn, teach, and provide PCC.”

Faheema Mahomed-Asmail and Talita le Roux, senior lecturers, University of Pretoria