Consumer organizations

More than 430 million people around the world have hearing loss severe enough to require rehabilitation. Consumer or patient organizations play a crucial role in supporting many of them through providing information and support, amplifying their voices, advocating and campaigning, and undertaking vital research.

The Ida Institute has partnered with eight outstanding patient and consumer organizations in five countries. Together, we spread knowledge about person-centered care (PCC) and the importance of consumers engaging in their own hearing rehabilitation journey, and we co-create practical resources that enable people with hearing loss to do just that.


They're prolific, they're practical, and they're our newest partner

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association advocates on policy, supports at the grass roots, and does everything in between. We spoke to their National Executive Director, Lee Pigeau.

Soundfair: Educating, advocating, and telling stories

Acting CEO Jessica Vitkovic explained how Soundfair is redesigning hearing health services to embrace the whole person, and why storytelling is so important to the organization. 

Free new resource helps people with hearing loss and professionals build trusting, productive partnerships

Great hearing care is only possible when both the person with hearing loss and their hearing care professional are able to communicate with trust. Learn how to build a strong partnership that can lead to better outcomes during an appoinment.

Selected projects

Communication tips

The introduction of face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic posed a real and immediate communication challenge for many people with hearing loss. We quickly began collaborating with our partners to create a resource with practical tips for communicating with someone with hearing loss while wearing a mask. Since launching in August 2020, the resource has been shared with countless people around the world.

We’re All Ears

This campaign, developed with our consumer partners, breaks down the elements of PCC in a way that speaks directly to people with hearing loss, illustrating why this approach is essential for the best outcomes and encouraging them to take a more active role in their own care. The campaign posts, videos, and graphics are freely available for clinicians to share on their website or social media, display in their office, or send to their clients.

What our partners say

“Through our membership of Ida Institute, we endeavor to demonstrate that person-centered care is more than a simple business expediency (good marketing) but the role of sophisticated customer-oriented providers to ensure they put the individual and the family first. At another level, it gives us access to information and tools that we can share with our members who are clinicians and allied health practitioners.”

Deafness Forum of Australia