Join Inspired by Ida

For hearing care professionals

To join Inspired by Ida, complete the following steps:

  1. Register for a free Ida Institute membership
  2. Complete the Inspired by Ida for Professionals course in the Learning Hall, including:
    Getting Started with Person-Centered Care 
    - Client Engagement and Ida Motivation Tools
  3. Inspired by Ida: Claim your Badge
    Sign the Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics
    Claim your Inspired by Ida badge


If you are in a support staff role, please go to the Inspired by Ida: Getting Started for Support Staff course in the Learning Hall for more information.

The Inspired by Ida badge is valid for one year. To maintain your Inspired by Ida status, you must complete an additional course in the Learning Hall or a short online survey. Every year, you will receive an email with further instructions one month before the expiration date.

For clinics

Clinics can also join the Inspired by Ida program and earn the special Inspired clinic badge. This will allow you to differentiate your brand and show your commitment to high-quality, person-centered hearing care. Clinics receive the Inspired by Ida marketing kit, which includes various promotional material.

To receive an Inspired by Ida clinic badge, at least 80% of clinic staff need to complete the two required person-centered care courses. 

Get your entire clinic Inspired

To cover badge administration costs, a fee of $10 USD applies for the Inspired by Ida badge. 

If you have any questions regarding the Inspired by Ida program for clinics, please contact


Please note that the Inspired by Ida program is not a replacement for any required official education and/or licensing to practice audiology and/or fit hearing instruments. Recipients must obtain authorization to practice audiology from official bodies according to the regulations of their country.