Join Inspired by Ida

For hearing care professionals

To qualify for the label, all you need to do is complete the following steps:

Upon completion of the courses, you will be presented with the option to claim your personal online verification label. Within a week, you will receive the label by email. Share this label through your social media channels, website and emails. 

Every year you will be asked to complete an additional eLearning course to maintain your Inspired by Ida status and renew your label. You can also choose to upgrade your person-centered skills further by completing other courses available in the Learning Hall.   

For clinics

You can earn Inspired by Ida status for your entire clinic. This requires that at least 80% of your staff (audiologists and front-end staff) at any time have completed the training program. Clinics with Inspired by Ida staff will receive additional materials not available to individuals to help promote your clinic as person-centered.

For your clinic to become Inspired by Ida, you must complete the following steps:

  • Send us an email with the names and email addresses of your staff to Please use this form to submit the list of employee names and roles.
  • You will receive instructions on how your employees can complete the eLearning courses.
  • Keep track of your employees’ progress. When 80% have completed the required courses, send a follow-up email to the Ida Institute.

Once the Ida Institute has verified that your employees have completed the courses, we will send you a ZIP file with the bonus promotional materials. You will also receive permission to use the special ‘Inspired by Ida’ label for clinics in your online marketing.

Please note that the Inspired by Ida program is not in any way a replacement for any required official education and/or licensing to practice audiology and/or fit hearing instruments. Recipients must obtain authorization to practice audiology from official bodies according to the regulations of their country.