Join Inspired by Ida

For hearing care professionals

To qualify for the label, complete the following steps:

  • Register for a free Ida Institute membership
  • Go to Inspired by Ida in the Ida Learning Hall
  • Complete the two required eLearning courses: “Getting Started with Person-Centered Care” and “Client Engagement and Ida Motivation Tools” and claim your badge for both courses
  • Go to the “Inspired by Ida: Claim your badge” course. You will be prompted to digitally sign the Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics, which signals your commitment to applying person-centered care in your practice.
  • Once you've claimed your badge, you will receive it by email. Share this badge through your social media channels, website and emails.

The Inspired by Ida badge is valid for one year. To maintain your Inspired by Ida status, you must complete an additional course in the Learning Hall or a short online survey. Every year, you will receive an email with further instructions one month before the expiration date.

For clinics

Clinics can also join the Inspired by Ida program and earn the special Inspired clinic badge. This will allow you to differentiate your brand and show your commitment to high-quality, person-centered hearing care. 

Clinics receive the Inspired by Ida marketing kit, which includes design guidelines and ideas for how to apply the clinic badge in their marketing materials. They also receive sample press announcements and a client brochure (electronic file).

To receive an Inspired by Ida clinic badge, at least 80% of clinic staff need to complete the two required person-centered care courses. Front-end staff only have to complete the course "Getting Started with Person-Centered Care for Support Staff."

For your clinic to become Inspired by Ida, you must complete the following steps:

  • Send us an email with the names and email addresses of your staff to Please use this form to submit the list of employee names and roles.
  • You will receive instructions on how your employees can complete the online courses.
  • Keep track of your employees’ progress. When all registered staff have completed the required courses, send us an email so we can confirm their completion.

Once the Ida Institute has verified that your employees have completed the courses, we will send you a ZIP file with the bonus promotional materials. You will also receive permission to use the special Inspired by Ida label for clinics in your online marketing. US and Canada-based clinics can choose to be included in the database.

Remember, you're responsible for maintaining at least 80% of clinic staff who have completed the required course(s). Once a year, we will review your staff list to verify that authorizations are up to date. In case of change in personnel, kindly send an email to to inform us about new staff members who should receive training.

Cost and renewal

Renewal of the Inspired by Ida badge is free.

In order to cover badge administration costs, a fee of $10 USD applies for each course badge retrieved by your staff members. For clinical staff, the total cost per person is $30 USD for the two course badges and the individual Inspired by Ida badge. For front-desk staff the total cost per person is $10 USD for the course badge and support staff Inspired by Ida badge. The staff member will receive a receipt for each badge retrieved.

Once a year, all staff will be requested to complete a follow-up course in the Learning Hall or fill out a survey to renew your clinic's Inspired by Ida status. The course is free and you will receive an email with further instructions one month before the expiration date of your badge.  

If you have any questions regarding the Inspired by Ida program for clinics, contact


Please note that the Inspired by Ida program is not in any way a replacement for any required official education and/or licensing to practice audiology and/or fit hearing instruments. Recipients must obtain authorization to practice audiology from official bodies according to the regulations of their country.