Coffee To Go: Did You Know?

Collaborate with coffee shops to place helpful information on cups and sleeves!

Idea At A Glance

Partner with national coffee shop chains to place helpful, witty comments about hearing health and hearing loss on disposable cups and sleeves.

The messages should be playful and eye catching, such as cartoon-style images that portray common fears and stigmas associated with hearing loss. Other messages could be more prevention oriented, presenting hearing health information, like "Surprising Facts about Hearing Loss."

The coffee cups and sleeves could contain a QR code and a link to a special website with additional information about hearing loss. The website could also  help people find a hearing care professional in their specific region, encouraging them to take action. 


Cereal boxes are a good example of a familiar, everyday product that is use to inform people about fun facts and spread the word about different humanitarian causes. The back side of children's cereal boxes, for instance, often contain fun games that promote healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. 

Potential Impact

Messages on coffee cups and sleeves are a fun and effective way to spread information about hearing loss. People are often drinking a cup of coffee with colleagues and friends. The fun, witty messages could help spark conversations about hearing loss throughout the day. 

If one partnered with a large, national coffee chain, thousands of conversations about hearing loss could occur each day. 

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