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A person-centered mindset begins with an education that prioritizes the client's perspective. Ida is committed to working with universities and educational institutions to help graduate future professionals for whom person-centered care is standard practice. Our educational resources span teaching materials for classrooms and clinics, self-directed learning options, and an extensive research library.

Tools for teaching person-centered care

Give your students a solid foundation in empathic practice. Introduce them to person-centered care and the advantages it offers to clinicians and their clients.
Time and Talk

Time and Talk

Presentation Suitcase

Presentation Suitcase

Person-Centered Care Curriculum Guidelines

PCC Curriculum Guidelines

The Ida Learning Hall is our space for eLearning. Support your students in  their efforts to better understand person-centered care, or take the courses yourself and become more familiar with Ida tools and methods. All courses are designed in a bite-sized format, so you can learn on the go.

Create understanding

Our ethnographic videos can create an understanding of people with hearing loss's motivations and help prepare students for the situations they will encounter once they complete their studies.
What is patient motivation and why is it important? This article provides an overview of how understanding a client's needs can help clinicians deliver better care.
The Ida Institute has formal partnerships with univerisities aroundt he world. Read more about our partners and joint activities.


Research Grants

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Research Library

Read research on Ida tools

PCC Definitions

Read research on person-centered care