Ida in academia

A person-centered mindset begins with an education that prioritizes the client's perspective. Ida works closely with universities and educational institutions to help graduate future professionals for whom person-centered care is standard practice. Our educational resources span teaching materials for classrooms and clinics, online learning options, and an extensive Knowledge Bank.

Tools for teaching person-centered care

Give your students a solid foundation in person-centered care and the advantages it offers with these nine modules.
Time and Talk

Time and Talk

Person-Centered Care Curriculum Guidelines

PCC Curriculum Guidelines

Partnering for Great Hearing Care

Partnering for Great Hearing Care

Unique learning resources

Use this database of peer-reviewed studies about person-centered approaches in your teaching. 
Join the Ida Learning Hall to take our free courses in person-centered care - and support your students to do the same.
Use our videos of real clinical encounters and interviews with people with hearing loss to help prepare your students for the future. 

Did you know?

Together with our partners around the world, we've been exploring the future of hearing care. Our insights can help you and your students prepare.