Ida Institute Call for Grant Proposals

The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organization working to integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation. Together with hearing care professionals around the world, we develop methods and tools aimed at strengthening the counseling process. All resources are made freely available from the Ida Institute’s website. 

In order to encourage research and support the development of the evidence base for person-centered care in audiology, the Ida Institute has established the Ida Research Grant, allocating research funding to the value of USD 30,000 annually with a maximum of USD 10,000 per grant.

By providing funding for research into the effects of person-centered tools and methodologies in the field of hearing care, we hope to stimulate interest and support for the development of evidence in this important area of hearing rehabilitation. 

Research topics:

Funding will be awarded to projects that develop evidence related to Ida Institute initiatives and tools and aim to demonstrate the effect of person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation. In 2018, we are particularly interested in projects related to: 

  1. Patient and clinician outcomes and experiences using the Ida Tinnitus Management tools
  2. Outcomes from engaging patients outside their appointments using Ida Telecare tools
  3. Implementation and student outcomes using Ida tools in education


The Ida Institute Research Committee will review and select successful grant applications. The committee members are Prof. Louise Hickson, committee chair, Dr. Joseph Montano, Dr. Melanie Ferguson, Dr. Elisabet Sundewall Thoren, Prof. Sophia Kramer and Melany Gregory, CEO of the Ear Foundation. 

How to apply:

The application form can be viewed and downloaded below.

To apply, please complete the form and send it by email to The deadline for applications is March 5, 2018. We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email. The grant recipients will be notified directly and announced publicly in May 2018. 


The timeline of the projects is one year and funding will be provided in a single lump sum payment at the start of the project. The grant recipients agree to begin their research projects no later than September 1, 2018 and submit a report on the results to the Ida Institute no later than September 1, 2019.  

The grant recipients are expected to sign a project agreement with the Ida Institute on provisions relating to confidentiality and the allocation of project results. If the results have not been disseminated through scientific channels (peer reviewed publications, book chapters or similar) within six months from the submission of the report, or if no agreements have been made to this effect, the Ida Institute reserves the right to publish the report and promote the research at its own discretion with due acknowledgment of the author.