The Ida Institute, in partnership with Deborah von Hapsburg, Ph.D., has developed a university course on the human dynamics of hearing loss. 

The course focuses on understanding hearing loss from an ecological and dynamic point of view, putting the patient perspective front and center. 

The course has been developed for educators and academic institutions that wish to introduce the human dynamics of hearing loss into their current curricula. 

The overall design and content of the course emphasizes interaction and collaboration. The lesson plans and course activities include aspects of collaboration, idea sharing, and reflection. Throughout the course, role-playing and class discussions are utilized to review and apply covered material.     

The course presents just one way of using active learning to teach students about the human dynamics of hearing loss. Please feel free to explore the course and make any adaptations you feel would improve on its design. 



Please login to the Ida website at the top of the page to access and download the Ida University Course materials. 

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