Motivation Tools Go To Germany: Ida to Conduct Workshops at Four EUHA Seminars


The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) has invited the Ida Institute to present the Motivation Tools at four upcoming EUHA technical seminars this March. These seminars will help introduce hearing care professionals across Germany to Ida’s easy-to-implement tools and methods.

Ena Nielsen, Ida Learning Specialist, and Anita Erras, Audiologist and Ida Fellow, will conduct Motivational Engagement workshops in Nürnberg (2 March), Lübeck (9 March), Dresden (16 March), and Köln (23 March). Anita Erras owns and operates a private hearing clinic in Weiden, Germany.

“This marks an excellent opportunity for the Ida Institute to expand our community of hearing care professionals. These four interactive workshops will give us the chance to introduce EUHA’s community to Ida’s tools and methods, starting with the Motivation Tools. We hope that this is just one of many future collaborative opportunities between Ida and EUHA,” said Ida Managing Director, Lise Lotte Bundesen.

The interactive workshops will allow participants to collaborate with other hearing care professionals in an exploration of patient motivation. After attending the workshops, participants will be able to use the Ida Motivation Tools (The Line, The Box, and The Circle) and identify a patient’s readiness for change.

EUHA is the oldest and largest professional association of hearing aid acousticians in Europe. Founded in 1960 in Würzburg, Germany, EUHA aims to bring together hearing aid acousticians, researchers, and practitioners who have an interest in trade specific issues, further education, and vocational training.

In addition to its annual International Congress, EUHA sponsors local meetings, technical seminars and regional conferences to supply advanced specialized knowledge to its members and delegates. The Ida workshops will play a part of EUHA’s ongoing technical seminar series.

For more information about the seminars, please visit the EUHA website at

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