Ida Tools and Methods Provide Long Term Benefits


In the last three years, the Ida Institute has contributed to a substantial and positive paradigm shift away from the prescriptive way that audiologists have been taught to treat patients, benefiting thousands of hearing care professionals in private practices, public clinics and academic settings worldwide.

In 2010, a series of independent surveys conducted by Advice A/S showed that the Ida Institute has demonstrated high levels of appreciation from its seminar participants with regards to seminar format, processes and learnings.

In addition, the follow-up surveys confirm that the work of the Ida Institute shows using Ida tools and methods have sustainable, long term benefits to patients.

Seminar participants who completed the surveys reported that they have used the Ida Institute tools in their practice. The most frequently used are the Motivational Tools: The Line, The Box and The Circle (68%) and the Patient Journey (44%).

All respondents indicated that they are in some way more satisfied with their practice since they started using the tools, with 37% saying that they are “very much” satisfied.

The participants who have started to use the tools were asked whether they think their patients are more satisfied after they started using the tools in their practice.

Almost 16% said that their patients are much more satisfied now and 47% said that satisfaction has increased somewhat.

One survey participant reported: “Yes, the patient does honestly seem more engaged with the process. It was enlightening for one particular patient who was resistant to getting hearing aids, but had not heard before that his wife was frustrated until she filled in the ’line’.”

The Ida Institute is currently working with several research organizations to develop additional surveys and an evidence-base for using the Ida tools and methods.

The full results from the 2010 Advice A/S independent surveys are downloadable here.

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