Ida Presentations at 2014 AAA Conference In Orlando


We are excited to be participating in this year’s American Academy of Audiology Conference in Orlando, Florida.

At our exhibit, we will be showcasing the outcomes of our conference to design the future of hearing healthcare. Over the last few months, we have captured the insights and knowledge of our community to create a global vision of what hearing healthcare could look like in 2020.

If you are attending, we invite you to visit our exhibit and share your ideas about how we can create a new global hearing healthcare that meets the needs of people with hearing loss and their families.

We will also be making a number of presentations at AudiologyNow! Please mark them on your calendar. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My World: Addressing Tweens and Teenagers at the...

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Laplante-Levesque Wins Award For Motivation Research


The American Auditory Society has awarded Ariane Laplante-Levesque, Louise Hickson, and Linda Worrall with the 2013 Ear and Hearing Editor's Award for their research article on how the transtheoretical model of change can be applied in audiological rehabilitation.The transtheoretical model forms the foundation for the Ida Institute’s Motivation Tools.

The study found that the predictive validity of the stages-of-change model was rather good. The stages-of-change model can help support people with hearing impairment throughout their journey, from help-seeking to successful rehabilitation outcomes.

For the study, 153 adults with acquired hearing loss who were seeking help for the first time completed the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment (URICA) questionnaire and other measures....

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ASHA Leader Mentions GROUP Tool As A Useful Resource


In their recent article in the ASHA Leader, Jennifer Henderson-Sabes and Becky Bingea highlight the Ida Institute’s GROUP Tool as an excellent resource for hearing care professionals to start a group audiologic rehabilitation program at their clinic.

In the article, the authors highlight the enormous value of audiologic rehabilitation.

Studies have demonstrated that AR can have many benefits, including better and more effective hearing aid use, better communication skills, better speech in noise perception, improved self-efficacy, reduced disability related to hearing loss and reduced participation limitations,” states Jennifer Henderson-Sabes and Becky Bingea.

The authors recognize, however, that audiologic rehabilitation is not a component of most hearing aid fittings. Through...

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New Study Highlights Value of My World Pediatric Tool


A new study conducted by Jessica Round at the University of Western Australia found that hearing care professionals believe that the My World tool can help improve and enhance the outcomes of pediatric rehabilitation.

For her master’s thesis in clinical audiology, Jessica Round explored whether Ida’s My World tool is needed in professional clinics as part of a pediatric rehabilitation program for hearing impaired children. In the study, Jessica interviewed 28 professionals, including audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf, and psychologists, along with five hearing impaired participants.

A majority of the professionals interviewed for the study felt that My World would help them obtain the child’s perspective of their hearing loss. They felt the tool would enable them to guide the child...

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Enhancing Group AR Programs with Ida Tools


Vicki M. Anderson added the Communication Rings and other Ida tools to her clinic's group aural rehab program. The tools help participants identify their communication needs and develop shared strategies with their significant others.

Vicki uses the Communication Rings to encourage participants to think about their communication networks. The tool allows participants to identify the situations where communication is most important to them. The exercise also helps turn the participants "social circle" into something more concrete and present.

"I have the participants think about how easy or difficult it is to hear and communicate with the people they identified on their Communication Rings sheets. This helps them think about the factors that make communication easy or difficult with...

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Reducing Anxiety of Hearing Clinic Appointments


UK Audiologist Ben Mann has created a book to reduce the anxiety of children with social communication disorders when they visit a hearing clinic.

Before establishing his own independent hearing clinic, Ben Mann had worked with children with hearing loss and complex issues at the NHS Clinic in Chelmsford, England. As his son was diagnosed with well-functioning autism at five years old, Ben was inspired to conduct a post-graduate course on children with complex needs. For his final project, he created a book to help children with social communication disorders deal with their anxiety when visiting the hearing clinic.

“A lot of the kids that we see with social communication difficulties, such as autism or Asperger’s, have not been diagnosed before their visit to the hearing clinic,” states...

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Building Capacity of Hearing Care Services in North Korea


Over 600 million people in the world suffer from hearing loss. Approximately 80% of those with hearing loss live in low or middle income countries where access to hearing care is limited.

In 2002, Glyn Vaughan left his audiology practice in London to start one of the first hearing clinics in Cambodia. Glyn is now the director of All Ears Cambodia (AEC), a medical aid organization providing ear and hearing health services to in-need populations throughout Cambodia.

Starting in 2011, AEC partnered with All Ears International (AEI) to develop the capacity of hearing health care services in North Korea.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Glyn Vaughan and learn more about his efforts.

Can you tell us about your efforts in North Korea?

AEC hosted a delegation from North Korea in...

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Debut of Motivation Tools in South Korea


Ida Fellow Jiwon Chang presented the Ida Motivation Tools at the 19th Combined Congress of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in Busan, South Korea on 12 October 2013.

Jiwon Chang’s presentation marks the first time the Ida Tools have been presented at a hearing care conference in South Korea. Approximately 1,000 ENT specialists attended the conference, which is the largest meeting of ENTs in South Korea.

The tools were well-received by the approximately 70 ENT specialists in attendance.

“When my presentation concluded, the audience showed great interest in the tools. The chairman of the conference thanked me for introducing such a valuable tool into the hearing health care field in South Korea,” states Jiwon Chang.

Audience members asked Jiwon Chang how they could integrate...

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Nottingham Hearing Unit Wins Prize at BAA Conference for Poster on Motivation Tools Research


The Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit won first prize in the clinical science poster category at the British Academy of Audiology Conference this November. Their winning poster highlighted the interim results of the unit’s ongoing research on the clinical benefits of using the Ida Motivation Tools with patients.

Based on the interim results, it appears that the patient group who received counseling with the Ida Motivation Tools showed an increase in reported self-efficacy and confidence in using their hearing instruments between the initial assessment and hearing aid fitting. While the research is still ongoing, this interim sample from the feasibility study suggests that the use of motivational engagement could have the potential to increase patient confidence in following...

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SIARC Group AR Workshops Offer Students a Fantastic Learning Experience


Group audiologic rehabilitation can be a fantastic way to enable hearing impaired persons to self-manage their hearing loss. On top of that, group workshops can provide audiology students with a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience that can transform their entire career.

In 2000, Ida Fellow Linda Thibodeau founded the Specialized Intensive Auditory Rehabilitation Conference (SIARC) at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she is a professor and clinical researcher. Offered annually each May, the week-long group rehabilitation workshop provides adults with hearing impairment and their communication partners the opportunity to experience the benefits of cooperative learning in a social environment.

Unlike most group rehabilitation programs, the SIARC curriculum is facilitated and led...

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