Ida Institute seminars are a series of educational, interactive workshops where hearing care professionals have the opportunity to collaborate, explore, and develop new knowledge and tools to address the psychological and social aspects of hearing loss.

Ida seminars take place over the course of three days in Skodsborg, Denmark. Invited participants consist of clinicians, instructors and researchers from around the world, representing a wide range of different professional backgrounds in the hearing care community.

The seminars are less about instruction and teaching, and more about joint-exploration and collaboration. At the seminars, participants engage each other in a comfortable, innovative environment to better understand some of the key issues facing the hearing care profession. During the course of three days, participants engage in meaningful discussions, reflect on their daily practice, and attend lectures from invited subject matter experts.

At the conclusion of each seminar, we ask seminar participants to draw upon their wealth of experience and knowledge and to collaborate with each other to develop new tools that can help fill various unmet needs in the world of audiology. In this way, we consider seminar participants to be the experts.

One of the overarching goals of the seminar series is to tap the combined knowledge-base and insight of the participants and apply it to the development of new tangible tools for hearing care professionals.  Most of the Ida Institute’s tools and methods have been developed through the collaborative energy emanating from the seminar series.

The Ida Institute provides educational stipends for all accepted participants, which includes economy airfare, transfer to/from the airport, meals and accommodation for the duration of the seminar. All seminars take place in Skodsborg, Denmark, at the Skodsborg Hotel and Spa.

A Glimpse Into an Ida Seminar

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